Classes and Events

In addition to weekly public classes, outlined in the Schedule, Jessica offers a variety of special private and small group classes:

  • Private Lessons – For beginners or advanced yogis, deepen your practice in a private lesson. Jessica will create a syllabus that fits your wants and needs. Private lessons provide time to delve deep within your soul and allow you to explore yoga philosophy and specific poses without the distractions of a class setting. Jessica will also provide notes on the classes, including tips to take with you for your personal practice.
  • Workplace Yoga – A midday yoga break is beneficial for both employer and employee. Jessica offers corporate classes before, during, or after work hours. She has openings for 50 minute lunchtime classes, which are designed to generate minimal sweat. Simply getting the body moving in sync with the breath will foster clarity and creativity at the desk. More benefits of yoga in the workplace . . .
  • Wedding Day Yoga – Be focused and present for the most important day of your life. Your wedding day is about you and your love, but it is sometimes hard not to get carried away in the whirlwind of last minute details, family, and emotions. Wedding day yoga gives you a chance to take a break from the planning, get centered, and focus on what’s most important – the union of love with your soul mate. More details on Wedding Day Yoga . . .
  • Couple’s Yoga – Couple’s classes allow you to tune into yourself and your partner. An asana practice allows for a moving meditation, and partner poses provide an opportunity to practice trust and opening of your hearts. Release emotional blocks in your body, and verbal communication comes more freely and effectively.
  • Yoga for Teens and Preteens – Some of Jessica’s most meaningful work has come from working with young people who are in the midst of a very vulnerable phase of life during the preteen and teenage years. Life through their eyes can be enlightening, and yoga can help them flourish. Meditation and pranayama (breathwork) are especially helpful tools for kids during this phase of life. She enjoys working with kids from age 10 to 18 (and younger).
  • Yoga for Cyclists – Jessica is married to an avid cyclist who enjoys time on both the road and mountain biking trails. From working with him, she has learned to design classes that meet the needs of cyclists and help with both performance and recovery.
  • Adventure Yoga – Together with her husband, Kenton, Jessica is excited to offer Adventure Yoga. This includes a yoga session paired with a kayaking trip, cycling trip, or a hike around the Austin area.

Contact Jessica for pricing and availability.