I have a blog about yoga, and today it is for Boston.

Soon I will blog about yoga and stuff, and probably a lot about yoga off the mat and being a mom. Today, though, my heart is in Boston. I have been a spectator and cheerleader at a few marathons, one in which my brother ran. If you ever want to see true human emotion and spirit and hope and goodwill, take part as a spectator during a marathon. It exposes the most raw and beautiful of emotions, tears of pain, tears of joy, and pure, exuberant happiness. So yeah . . . these bombs, at a marathon – the finish line of the Boston Marathon – what a shitty, terrible disruption of a joyous event. It hurts in so many ways. It is unfair in so many ways.

But you know, the human body is amazing. We have room for pain in our bodies. We have room for pain in our minds. Events like this don’t test our limits; they reveal how capable we are of loving beyond our expectations, beyond the pain and beyond the sadness. These people just ran 26.2 miles. If you’ve ever been a spectator at a marathon – or run a marathon, for that matter – you know people are capable of moving beyond pain. They find beauty and inspiration in their fellow runners, in the spectators, in the earth, in the clouds, in their body, in their mind, in God, and they get through it. They help each other. They cheer each other on. That’s what happened today. People processed the pain and helped each other, and all of our hearts have grown because of it. We will become better because of this. With pain comes an equal and even greater amount of love.

For now, my thoughts and prayers are with those who are hurting. My heart is with you, and I hurt for you.


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